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Darby Christian Academy


Darby Christian Academy is a Biblically-based Christian education academy with the unique model of a Community School. The Community School model is 2 days/week class on campus, 3 days/week homeschool with lesson plans created by our certified teachers. This is a dedicated partnership between the school and the family, blending the best of homeschooling and group schooling to create a new educational model that allows parents to customize an academic program with support from qualified teachers with a high level of accountability from parents and community families. 


DCA is a new Community School from Darby Community Church, an established part of the Dade City/Darby community for 70 years. In the model of other successful community schools, DCA prioritizes faith, family, and schooling, in that order.

We believe that Biblical parenting is the foundation of a Godly, successful generation, and the key to the future of our nation.

DCA believes that parents are the primary educators of their children and it is our goal as an Academy to assist parents in raising Godly, educated, well-rounded individuals. 

If you would like more information about DCA, please refer to our About DCA page, then take the time to call our office (352-588-2440) or fill out the form on the left to be contacted about enrollment information, tuition rates, etc. 

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